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Indigo Ridge Release Blitz & Review

Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry is now live!

Winslow Covington believes in life, liberty and the letter of the law. As Quincy, Montana’s new chief of police, she’s determined to prove herself to the community and show them she didn’t earn her position because her grandfather is the mayor.

According to her pops, all she has to do is earn favor with the Edens. But winning over the town’s founding family might have been easier if not for her one-night stand with their oldest son. In her defense, it was her first night in town and she didn’t realize that the rugged and charming man who wooed her into bed was Quincy royalty.

Sleeping with Griffin Eden was a huge mistake, one she’s trying to forget. He’s insufferable, arrogant and keeps reminding everyone that she’s an outsider. Winslow does her best to avoid Griffin, but when a woman is found dead on Eden property, the two of them have no choice but to cross paths.

As clues to the murderer lead to one of Quincy’s own, Griffin realizes Winslow is more than he gave her credit for. Beautiful and intelligent, she proves hard to resist. For him. And the killer.


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Narrated by: Vanessa Edwin & Jason Clarke




My Review

Addictive!! Indigo Ridge begins a brand new series, The Edens, and what a perfect start! Equal parts swoony and suspenseful, Indigo Ridge has everything you could possibly want. It’s a magical blend of enemies to lovers’ goodness, paired with romantic suspense gold. Full of melt your kindle hella hot moments as well as twists and turns you definitely didn’t see coming. You will fall in love with the picturesque Quincy, Montana as Deveny brings it to life in vivid detail. The characters are one of a kind and loveable, well thought out and relatable. The kinds of characters you just want to be brought into their crew like one of the family. 

This story has sass and spice to it, but you will have several scenes without much of the spicy details before you get to the hot and heavy. I honestly didn’t mind this because it was just as hot in what wasn’t said. Which is strange for me, but awesome nonetheless.

This murder mystery is a real who done it suspense that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. Fans of romantic suspense start reading this amazing book today! 

Meet Devney

Devney is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in Washington with her husband and two sons. Born and raised in Montana, she loves writing books set in her treasured home state. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her family. Writing one book, let alone many, was not something she ever expected to do. But now that she’s discovered her true passion for writing romance, she has no plans to ever stop.

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ARRGO Release Blitz & Review

🏄‍♂️ 🌊 𝗛𝗢𝗧 𝗡𝗘𝗪 𝗥𝗘𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗘 🏄‍♂️ 🌊

𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗹𝗲𝘅, 𝘂𝗻𝗶𝗾𝘂𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗯𝗲𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘂𝗹… Aggro by CoraLee June and Carrie Gray is 𝑳𝑰𝑽𝑬 and 𝑭𝑹𝑬𝑬 with Kindle Unlimited!


About the Book:

Two boys. 

One tragedy. 

Grief bonds us. 

The mystery of this murder will break us.

My best friend was brutally ripped from this world, but her brother and boyfriend are still here. 

One of them wants to use me.

The other wants to forget me.

Both of them make me feel alive. 

We’ll find Violet’s murderer, no matter the cost. 

Two boys. 

One tragedy. 

Grief bonds us. 

Love will tear us apart.




My Review

Holy Cow you guys! Aggro was PHENOMENAL! Like top reads of 2020, phenomenal! I went into this book expecting something totally different than what I got, but I wasn’t disappointed by this fact in.any.way. This book is so powerful it will grab a hold of you and embed itself so deeply into your mind, heart and soul it will consume you until you have devoured every single word. 

Aggro is the story of Breeze, Chase and Kai, three teens bound by grief over the death of Violet. Violet was Breeze’s best friend, twin sister to Chases and in a toxic relationship with Kai. This is a story of how the three of them deal with this tragic loss, as not only individuals but together. My heart felt like it was in a vice over and over. Just the amazing writing of CLJ and CG was so vivid and with such clear attention to detail I had to keep reminding myself ( you are not there, you don’t really know these people Irl) because I was a mess y’all.😭 Seriously, hot mess express! 😭😭

They set out on a quest desperate for answers. Three teens plagued by guilt, hurt, anger, and  survivor’s guilt. They are all working to put the pieces together to find out what happened the night of Violet’s violent death and the secrets she had been keeping from everyone that led up to her death. But will they be able to handle the truth when they get it? 

Now, if you are like me, a bit of a cover ho, you assume by the amazing cover that we are getting a story from a Hero’s POV. However that isn’t how this goes down at all. It is even better. This amazing story takes place in a picturesque beach island town. We get POV’s from Breeze, Chase and Kai and I love this so much because each one is struggling in a different way to come to terms with what has happened. To have the story told in their voice as they are experiencing the different emotions is so emotional and powerful, it just takes the story to another level of awesome, and I’m so happy the authors did it this way. These three and their constant struggle with wondering who could have committed this crime and maybe at times even wonder about each other. 

What I love is that no matter how many times you think you might have figured what’s going on or what’s gonna happen next CoraLee and Carrie pull the rug right out from under you. 

I loved all of these characters. Breeze was the sweet wallflower that was always the silent shadow behind her outgoing best friend, Violet. She assumed she was never seen but that is far from the truth. For the longest time she had a crush on Chase but sister code prevented her from ever making a move. 

Chase was hot, he was also a getaround girl hopper. He loved his sister and he loved Breeze. It seemed like he loved her like a sister but who knows maybe it could have been more at one time? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Then you have Kai, the one they call an Aggro, “which was an aggressive surfer, taking chances most of us wouldn’t.” He was gorgeous and tattooed, but when he was with Violet they were all wrong for each other. They were the very definition of toxicity. But when he looked at Breeze. Well that was a different story. 

I won’t say anymore as not to give spoilers, but you NEED this book in your life like you need AIR. It will draw you in like a rip tide and pull you under in its clutches and twist you, turn you about, take your breath, scare you, and then finally spin you backout the other side. You will never be the same, you will remember the feeling of it always. 

I can’t possibly recommend this book enough. If I could custom order a book to be written for me with all the things I want in it, this would be what was delivered to me, but then when I opened the box and started reading my book there would be unexpected bonus material in it. That’s how fantastically, phenomenally, unforgettably amazing this book is!! CoraLee June and Carrie Gray slayed this book!!

You get murder, mystery, suspense, sexy, angsty goodness. But you also get the swoony, sweet, and forgiveness. You get a book where enemies become allies. I was on the edge of my seat and I was here for it all! I will definitely re-read this book. Because honestly I’m not ready to let these characters go. That epilogue y’all. I’m pretty sure my jaw is still ON.THE.FLOOR!😱

My cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐⭐️-🏄‍♂️ 🌊Six SurfBoard and Perfect Wave Stars for this book! I loved this book so much. The setting, the characters, all of it was so fantastic. It was unputdownable, unforgettable.  I’m obsessed with ARRGO. Breeze, Kai and Chase will not leave my heart and mind anytime soon.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥- GAH! The love scenes were smokin hot and sensual. They weren’t rushed, they were believable and felt authentic. So flippin ‘HAWT!! 🔥🔥

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- I loved the ending so much. I will say I got the SHOCK of my life at the end. I was gobsmacked. I was fantastic!!!!

The authors are giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card as well as paperbacks on their Facebook pages. Go to CoraLee’s and Carrie’s FB pages to enter:

About the Authors:

CoraLee June:

Coralee June is an international bestselling romance writer who enjoys engaging projects and developing real, raw, and relatable characters. She is an English major from Texas State University and has had an intense interest in literature since her youth. She currently resides with her husband and two daughters in Dallas, Texas, where she enjoys long walks through the ice-cream aisle at her local grocery store.

For more information about her and her upcoming releases, please visit her website at:






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Carrie Gray:

I have always loved to read. In kindergarten, I was the weird kid sitting in the reading nook by myself instead of trying to get more snacks. I’m excited to be putting my own voice on the page and watching a story I helped create come to life. I still love to read, but I also really like snacks.

I grew up in Chicago but recently moved back to the Dallas area where I live with my husband and son.

I have my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I spent a year researching chimpanzees and gorillas while I was in Chicago and then I spent another two months on a chimpanzee sanctuary trying to convince headstrong chimps to cooperate. Pro tip – grapes are a pretty hot bargaining tool. They work wonders with my toddler too.




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He Hates Me Release Blitz & Review


What happens when the stalker finds his prey?

Obsession, darkness, and madness unravels. All wrapped in intense passion. Rina Kent & Isabella Starling join forces to bring you mayhem! He Hates Me, Book one of the highly anticipated Hate & Love duet is LIVE!


Once upon a time, there was a monster.When the night falls, he comes out to harvest souls.He’s silent and invisible —no one notices when he strikes then retreats to the shadows.Our paths shouldn’t have crossed, but they do.One day he sees me.Then he can’t unsee me.Once upon a time, there was a monster, a killer, a devil.My stalker.He Hates Me is part of a duet and is NOT standalone. The entire duet will be released two weeks apart.

My Review

Be prepared y’all! He Hates Me by Rina Kent and Isabella Starling will have you gasping, leaving your mind-blown and jubbled. Questioning the boundaries of what you thought you liked or would deem okay. Wondering, How did that even happen?! Lol  Did I just maybe fall for a hit man, assassin with a super jealous alpha-protective streak? I mean, it’s possible if he’s as gorgeous as Jasper Cain, that is. 

Raw, gritty and full of violence, lies and obsession. This is a story of complete opposites attracting, that turned out meant for one another, somehow they just fit, y’all !!

Jasper the devious devil the stalker, the hit man. Georgina, his little “Petal” as he called her, the beautiful introverted ER nurse, who loved only a select couple of friends and her cats and hid a secret affinity for the most extreme hard core adult films. 

So as the blurb states this a stalker romance, however not gonna lie, after one look at Georgina, Jasper becomes the stalkery-ist, stalker that ever stalked! It is disturbing how up into her stuff he gets all the time, IDC how cute you are Jasper Cain. You are creepy!

Now this book definitely is pretty dark,  I like dark SO if you do too, dark you shall get. It is full of violence, suspense, murder, and blood. Hey it’s Mafia! It’s also super hot, possessive and banging in the bedroom. He pushes her out of her comfort zone in a way that’s violent, raw, rough, gritty and dominating but she wants what she’s secretly been fantasizing about and he gives her exactly that!

So, If you are looking for a dark and sinister story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With unexpected moments to keep you guessing and then a twist you couldn’t have even begun to have predicted. Then this first part of this amazing new duet by Rina Kent and Isabella Starling is your next read, and read it you MUST!

Cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐- Stunned and Speechless!! Prepare for action, secrets , suspense, angst, blood, tears, sexual dominance, revenge, and lies! Unexpected twists and turns around every corner. I can’t wait for more! 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥- SMOKIN HAWT. Delicious, Dirty, and Dominant for Damn Sure!! 🌪Cliffhanger Warning-🌪🌪CLIFFHANGER! Holy moly these cliffs are gonna steal my sanity one of these day’s y’all. 😉

🔫 Trigger Warning-This book is a Mafia romance and does have some pretty graphic scenes that could be considered triggers for some, as well as sexually dominant scenes that could be bothersome to some that prefer more Vanilla. If you have concerns you can PM for more information.



PRE-ORDER HE HATES ME NOT:He Hates Me Not, the conclusion of Love & Hate Duet is releasing on April 23rd. Pre-order today! AMAZON US ➜ AMAZON UK ➜ INTERNATIONAL ➜ ADD TO GOODREADS ➜ GIVEAWAY: To celebrate the release of He Hates Me, Isabella Starling and Rina Kent are giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Head to Rina’s Facebook page to enter:

ABOUT THE AUTHORSDark, dirty and taboo is what Isabella Starling is known for.An Amazon top 25 bestselling Author, Isabella has 10 books under her belt in under a year. She is a self-proclaimed Tumblr gif addict and always looking for her next forbidden story.If you pick up a Starling book, you can count on a bad-mouthed, bossy man who will dominate his woman with a rough hand.Add just a sprinkle of taboo, a touch of BDSM and a pinch of suspense, and you’re all set for a story you won’t forget.Rina Kent is an international bestselling author of everything enemies to lovers romance. Darkness is her playground, suspense is her best friend, and twists are her brain’s food. However, she likes to think she’s a romantic at heart in some way, so don’t kill her hopes just yet. Her heroes are anti-heroes and villains because she was always the weirdo who fell in love with the guys no one roots for. Her books are sprinkled with a touch of mystery, a healthy dose of angst, a pinch of violence, and lots of intense passion.Rina spends her private days in a peaceful town in North Africa daydreaming about the next plot idea or laughing like an evil mastermind when those ideas come together.Don’t forget to Sign up to Rina Kent’s Newsletter for news about future releases and an exclusive gift.


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Bury Me with Lies Release Blitz & Review

Bury Me With Lies (Twin Lies Duet #2) by S.M. SotoRelease Date: April 6th Add to Goodreads:


Blurb:Some secrets are better left buried…Stuck between life and death, Mackenzie is hell-bent on proving her innocence, and getting revenge on the men who murdered her sister. With one series of unfortunate events after another, Mackenzie must outrun her own fate—death.When secrets unravel and lies become twisted betrayals, Mackenzie finds herself in more danger than she could’ve realized. Her only saving grace is Baz, the elusive playboy she’s given her heart to. But will placing her trust in a man like Baz be her downfall?

My Review

OH-MY-HOLY-HADES!! Y’all! My heart, My head. I’m all over the flippin place. This conclusion was EVERYTHING!  S.M.Soto is a master craftsman when it comes to serving up emotional literary beatings. This conclusion was all that I was hoping for, yet I was blindsided so many times over with twists and turns. I couldn’t have seen them coming with binoculars, Y’all! Everything about Baz and Mackenzie’s love story was Astonishing! 

“Our love was unexpected—a chaotic blend of messy and beautiful.”

Mackenzie is back and more ready than ever to get to the bottom of the truth. But just how far is she willing to go. When she starts to unfold more and more secrets, She doesn’t know who to trust. Putting her trust in the wrong person could be catastrophic for her. Struggling with the battle between her head and her heart she’s not sure if Baz is with her or against her. 

“His hold on my heart is eternal.”

She knows she loves him, but she’s torn and needs to protect herself while still getting justice for Madison. When Madison’s secrets start coming to light will Mackenzie finally let it all go and just let the lies stay buried? 

Baz can’t trust Mackenzie, but he’s got conflicting information coming at him from every direction. No matter what he makes it his mission to protect her because no one’s gonna hurt his “Dirty Girl” Baz sets out on a mission of his own, punish those who dared to touch what was his. Baz has deep feelings for Mack but he’s hiding his true feelings from her, just like she’s trying to do from him. Their banter back and forth is heated and hot and from one minute to the next you don’t know if they’re about to go off on each other and or go to bed together. 

“Because where there is hate, there is love.”

This conclusion will keep you on the edge of your seat. I stayed breathless for most of this book, gasping over and over again. I’m in awe and the amount of suspenseful greatness S.M. Soto stuffed into this phenomenal book. It was unpredictable and unexpected from chapter to chapter and I loved every second. Every jaw dropping, heart stopping, wanna throw my kindle across the room moment! 

This is a MUST READ DUET! 

My Cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- This duet will go down as one of my favorites of all time. The twist and turns, the and suspense, the heat and banter between these characters is unreal! There were so many things that literally knocked me for a loop. It was just that good y’all! 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-There is nothing hotter than two people that try like hell to resist each other, then finally give in. Especially when your guy is dominant AF!I would sign up any time of any day to be Baz’s Dirty Girl, just sayin’ !! 🔥🔥

🌪Cliffhanger Warning-🌪🌪No Cliffhanger this time!!I’m so happy with the way this ended!  #PerfectlyHappyEnding!😍

About the Author: S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern, California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She refers to herself as a bit of a romance junkie. S.M. loves to connect with readers and eat copious of donuts that will surely lead to her demise.Connect w/S.M. SotoWebsite: https://www.authorsmsoto.comFacebook: