Bittersweet Surrender
Well butter my fanny and call me a biscuit! Holy Desus, that. was. awesome! So QB is MY Forbidden Queen! I can always count on her to deliver a delicious and naughty love story unlike anything I’ve read before. This of course far exceeded my expectations. Will and Charlotte’s story was emotional and angsty. What an amazing journey of these two people. Will and Charley anyway you look at it, are in an impossibly forbidden romance. Charlotte is in a struggling marriage and Will is her marriage counselor. I loved these characters so much, so I could feel the devastation in their struggles with their attractions to one another. The secrets the hidden moments and phone calls. My heart was breaking. The longing glances, hidden feelings. GAH! But the chemistry. OH MY GOD ,the chemistry!

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It was like sexual napalm went off when ever these two were within five feet of each other. The heat they put off. Whew. You could air fry some chicken up in a room with them!! This book was the perfect roller coaster ride of feels, and I never wanted off! This book literally has it all. Angst, suspense, romance, hotness, frustration, anger, hotness. Did I mention hotness?!?! That freaking ending though. 🙀 Will was the perfect blend of just enough alpha and so much Swoon. Damn he was hot! Charlotte was perfect damsel for Will to rescue. She was beautiful, locked up in her tower of loneliness, not allowed to work, yet starved for sex and intimacy. This was like this eff’d up fairy tale, but I loved every second. I wanted the right prince to get his princess. Start this amazeballs duet today!!

*Cliffhanger Warning-This story is NOT resolved in this book. ( It is SO Worth It though)
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- BOOK WAS EVERYTHING!
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-Panty Chucker -Steam Scale

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