Kissing my Co-worker by J. Sterling is now live!

New York Times bestselling author, J. Sterling has created this collection of fun and flirty stories with holiday based themes for you to get lost in and enjoy. Prepare to fall in love today!

I’ve had a crush on my co-worker Declan since the day I started working at Rockline Studios. Trust me, if you could see this man, you’d have a crush on him too.

It’s been two years since my first day of work… two years since my head has been filled with fantasies and daydreams about the things I could do to him. Two years of…. SITTING BY AND DOING NOTHING because dating within the office is forbidden, frowned upon, something we’re not supposed to do.

The night of Rockline’s infamous New Year’s Eve party changes everything.

Will my new years wish finally come true?

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My Review

What a great little short, swoony and smexy novella. It may be short but it packs the perfect amount ofeverything you’re craving this holiday season. I promise you will plow through this super fast because you won’t dare put it down until it’s done. 

Lily instantly fell for her coworker, Declan when she was hired two years ago. He is her superior and interoffice relationships are frowned upon, plus she assumes her attraction is one sided. But when Declan starts saying things to her at the company’s annual New Year’s Eve party, she suspects that her crush might not be so one-sided afterall. 

This short story is smokin ‘hot and completely swoon-worthy. It is everything you are looking for when settling down for the night and snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night. ☕️🎄🔥🥰

Meet J. Sterling

I’m a New York Times and USA Today best selling author of over 18 books! My goal is to write stories that you can get lost in, that will leave a smile on your face and a full heart. If you can forget about the real world while you’re reading and fall in love with my characters, then I’ve done my job. A lot of what I write has real life aspects in it, but that’s what makes the stories so relateable- the fact that they could happen to anyone… and have!

I live in California with my only son, Blake. If you can’t find me sitting behind a computer screen, then there’s a good chance I’m sitting in the bleachers of a baseball stadium watching him play. I love traveling to new places, meeting my readers and living life with the Real Jack Carter. ♡

I know you have a million books to choose from and I am humbled, grateful and thankful each time you choose to read one of mine, or tell someone else to read them. Thank you.
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