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steamy, emotional, enemies-to-lovers small-town MM romance!

The past was all he could see…until him.

When you’re the sheriff of Brigs Ferry Bay, certain things are expected of you.
Marry a local girl, settle down, have a few kids. You know, the small-town dream.
But I’ve got a secret I’m terrified will get out.

I’m gay.
Not bi. Not curious. Not confused.
Just gay.
So, settling for that dream won’t be happening.

If this secret gets out, the people I serve and protect, especially my father, won’t be accepting.
I’m not brave like my high school sweetheart, Kian.
The day he came out was the day I had to let him go, and with it, love.

I’ve done a great job of pretending I’m perfectly fine being single. Until a villainous and annoyingly charming new B&B owner, Dante Kincaid, rolls into town. The spark between us is electric and undeniable. He wants to give me a taste of what he has to offer, and better yet, he vows to be discreet. I’m too selfish to refuse.  

But my secret is still a heavy burden, leaving me handcuffed to expectations and unable to fully grasp what I want–him. History has a way of repeating itself, but this time around, with Dante, it’ll hurt a lot worse.

I have to decide if I’m going to let love slip away again or if I’m going to finally fight for it.

Brigs Ferry Bay is a steamy MM romance series.
Fall in love with the charming small-town gay romances of Brigs Ferry Bay.
While each book can be read as a standalone, to get the full experience, they’re best read in order. 
Sheriff’s Secret ━
Kian’s Focus

My Review

Sheriff’s Secret is Small town magic!! It is not only an amazing MM tale but it’s everything I love about small town romance with some mystery thrown in there to keep me on my toes. 

Dante Kincaid moves to Briggs Ferry Bay with his siblings to open a new B&B. Dante is a sexy and proud gay man who falls for the town sheriff, Jaxon. 

Jaxson Bell is the town sheriff who is so far in the closet he has moth balls in his pockets. He is still pining over his high school sweetheart but he ruined many chances with him. When Dante rolls into town he is angry at the freedom the gorgeous entrepreneur has to be himself. He finds himself both angry and attracted to that and before you know it he’s addicted to deliciously dirty and sinful things Dante does to him, and he CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH!! When things start happening around town to Dante, and his family will risk exposure to protect the people he’s come to care so dearly for or will he walk away in fear of a repeat of his part relationship. 

This is a fantastic new beginning to a new series. I’m so excited to see where this series goes from here. Each book will feature a new couple and have their own HEA. We will see crossover characters in the other books. This is an awesome idea from some of my favorites!! Grab Sheriff’s Secret Today!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Kian’s Focus

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Sheriff’s Secret ━

Kian’s Focus

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K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

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