He was the sun, and she was the moon.
A love like theirs was never destined to last.

Chasing the Moon, an all-new intense and consuming romance from author S.M. Soto is available now!

A modern-day retelling of the Greek Myth of Selene and Endymion.

He was the sun, and she was the moon. A love like theirs was never destined to last.

Selene Drake has always been the girl that blends into the background.
The wallflower.
Sweet as can be.
It never bothered her, she preferred slinking into the shadows.

When she first laid eyes on Endymion Black, she fell irrevocably in love with him.
The bad boy.
Handsome as ever.

For years, she pined after the unattainable boy who had somehow burrowed his way into her heart.

Until everything changed.

One unforgettable night bridled with passion and forbidden lust destroyed her naïve heart and reshaped her innocent soul. It sent her fleeing from the only town she’d ever truly known.

Five years later, Selene is back in Dunsmuir and the boy she spent years loving in silence, has now turned into a man. A man with his sights set on her. Somehow, the tables have turned, and this time around, he’s the one doing the chasing, determined to claim her heart as his. Only, he doesn’t realize, she has a secret of her own.

One with the potential to change their lives forever.

Chasing the Moon is a full-length standalone romance.

💫 My Review 💫

Chasing the Moon by S.M. Soto has everything I love. It’s a second chance romance that has the perfect amount of angst and just enough anger to give it a little enemies to lovers’ thing going for it. This phenomenal story is raw and riveting and real. It’s a journey that will hurt you before it will heal you. Selene and Endymion will capture your heart and captivate your soul with their inevitable, unforgettable love story.

For Selene it starts the moment she first saw him on her tenth birthday. The love she had for him was instant, innocence, but it was written in the stars as if they were fated to be together. If only he could see her, although for years it seemed as if he never would. Then one night her dreams finally come true and under a moonlit sky he gives her everything she could have hoped for.

The experience is full of love and lust and it’s magical and ethereal and changes her life in ways she could never have begun to have imagined it would. The next morning brings a heartbreaking clarity and wave of devastation she was not prepared for. So she packs up and goes away for college only to return five years later and with a token from that night under the stars.

Endymion hadn’t always noticed the wallflower Selene when she was younger, but he sure noticed her now. She’s been gone over five years but the beautiful daughter of one of his family’s closest friends, is intriguing, and alluring and if he has it his way “HIS.” He has vivid dreams of just how good they could be together, but she is not giving him the chance, even though it seems like she shares his attraction. He’s heard from everyone in town just how deep her crush on him growing up ran and everyone seemed to notice it but him. 

He doesn’t seem to understand how if she had felt that way why was he having such trouble convincing her to give him a chance now. It’s obvious from where she is in her life now, she’s been through some stuff. When he has a bomb dropped on him and he finds out she was hiding a HUGE life changing secret from him, will it destroy any chance they had at a future? 

This is a must read story of first loves, loss, forgiveness and the magic of inevitable love. It’s about holding out for the one person the universe designed for you, and you for them. This book is PERFECTION!

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