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They say to keep your enemies close, but they never had to deal with the likes of Alec Daniels, the broody bad boy next door who loved to make my life a living nightmare…up until the day he disappeared.

See, Alec was a thief.

He stole my happy.

My sanity.

My first kiss.

I told myself I was glad the day he went away, and I’m reminded of why not five minutes after his sudden and unexpected return.

Now he stands before me with a heavy glare and hard body.

But those greedy green eyes, they’re darker than I remember, and brimming with a secret…

A secret I didn’t discover until it was far too late.

Because this time, he didn’t steal a simple kiss.

This time… Alec Daniels stole my all.

*Wrong for Me is a full-length standalone with no cliffhanger and an HEA. Previously titled The Wrong Blaze, this is the same epic love story with a fresh new look and title!

My Review

OMG!! Y’all, Wrong for Me is so freakin good. Like drop everything right now and read this book kinda good.  This is an amazing cluster… well you know, of emotional beat downs, epic frustrations and pearl clutching, panty flinging moments of pure literary deliciousness. This pseudo-love triangle romance (You will understand the full magnitude of calling it that by the end, or at least as the story unfolds) is the perfect blend or crossover if you will, of so many of my favorites. We have enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, best friends brothers, and a kind of second chance romance. I can assure you that what it brings from each of these genres is the very best parts of what draws us readers to them. Oakley, Alec and Rowan’s story is one you won’t soon forget and will surely have you  hanging on every single word, twist, and turn until the very end. 

Oakley is our amazingly gorgeous heroine. She is absolutely the most sassy, kick-assey and feisty girl. She’s had It bad for one of the Daniel’s brothers for as long as they have been in her life. One treats  her like a peasant, when he swears he wants her to be his queen. The other spends years playing with her emotions only for the sake of preventing the other from being able to make her his.

“I’m gonna tear you up, Oakley,” he whispers. “Every inch of you will know me … feel me. Want me.” 😏

“Like I said, you were mine first. Not his. You’re not even his now.” 




I can’t help but to feel bad for her for these things. She hasn’t always had the easiest time, growing up raised only by her dad. She’s had to become a tough cookie, but she’s got a sweet center that bleeds if somebody cuts her. Throughout this book, she is hurt by the people who care about her many times. Secrets, lies and deception threaten to destroy everything she knows. I love the mystery surrounding all of this. 

Alec and Rowan are the Daniel’s brothers. Both have been in love with Oakley since the day they first saw her. Although they love her in completely different ways, their love for her has nearly destroyed their relationship. When Rowan’s career goals bring them together again, at the same time shady things start happening that put Oakley’s safety at risk, can these brothers put their hatred for one another aside to work together to protect the girl they both love? Let’s break them down a little more…

Now, Alec was everything you would want in your bad boy anti-hero. On one hand you hated everything about him as much as you simultaneously secretly loved it! He was ruthless at times, yet you could see just a hint of sweetness underneath his AF idgaf exterior. The power struggle between him and Oakley was off the charts and unexplainable. You just have to read it to experience its magnificence. It seemed as though Alec had something in the works all along. I had this feeling through the book, that there were things going on we weren’t aware of. 

Rowan was the same. I was so mad at him so many times, I wanted to shake some sense into him. Then I kinda started to get a feeling things might be going on.. I was super excited when I was right. 😍

It always felt like everyone was hiding something. This book was amazing in its way of making you have such hatred for these boys and then bringing back  them full circle because of their hearts of gold, BAM!! 💥  So Many Twists!! WTH!! Wait, What?!? 🤯

My cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐- So much fantabulously awesomeness in this book y’all! It was edgy and hot. It was swoony and sweet. The writing was flawless and perfect. Twists, turns for days. I played the guessing game so many times over. This book gave me just what I needed, exactly when I needed it. So. Many.Stars!

🔥🔥🔥🔥- PANTY CHUCKER ALERT 🚨 This was so  full of all the steam, you might as well chuck them drawers are the door. Pearl Clutchers beware! Lil’ bit of sweet and swoony and just the right amount of down and dirty love makin’🔥🔥

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- No Cliffy. This ending was Perfection. Yay!😍🔥😍