I’ve spent years turning my life around.

Burying my demons in one night stands and my work as the CEO of Morgan Securities.

My routine worked for me until I met her—a temptation dressed in red.

I walked away at first, but as luck would have it, she was hired as my company’s interior designer.

Soon she became an addiction I couldn’t escape.

What I didn’t know is she had a secret that would change everything.

One that turned into everything I ever wanted. 

But sometimes when life hands you lemons, they go sour.

No matter how hard I try to fight it, my old demons would come back to haunt me in the most unexpected ways.

Holly and my son are my salvation, and I want nothing more than to be all in with them.

No matter what.

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My Review

Oh My Gosh!! This book Y’all! Freakin Fantastic! It is just an amazing office/secret baby/one-night stand that later kind of becomes a second chance romance/single parent romance.  The office part added a bit of a forbidden aspect to it. Yummy! So Flippin Awesome!! Liam (he’ll always be Levi to me) Holly, and little Matty’s story will turn even the most cynical of hearts into a gooey mess.  

Let’s start with Holly. What an amazing Gal, Y’all! She is spunky and beautiful.  She has always been the responsible one. One reckless night she throws caution to the wind. A few drinks, one spontaneous encounter,  one lasting consequence equals two pink lines. Thought that night changed everything for her. 

“This isn’t me. I have never been the girl who throws caution to the wind. I’m not reckless and I don’t do things on a whim. I, Holly Jenkins, do NOT have one night stands.”

She wouldn’t change for the world, her precious little boy Matty was the result. He is the cutest, most bashful little guy.  Although she unexpectedly became pregnant with him she settles into life as a single mom, she has supportive parents and an amazing best friend, Terry. She had pretty much accepted that she would never run into the man that fathered her son again, until she arrives for her new job as an interior decorator for Morgan Securities, and sees a face she is all too familiar with. 

“Why couldn’t we just cross paths at an Applebee’s?”

Her new boss, Liam Morgan, is the one reckless, one night stand she had that resulted in her son!! Dropping the “Congratulations you’re a Daddy”  bomb on Liam, is probably the easiest part of the journey to HEA that Liam and Holly must endure. 

Liam Morgan is just so sexy and fine and comes off a bit bad and standoffish at times. He’s unapologetic in what he wants in a woman and no one has been able to change that…Until he meets Holly. Something about her calls to him, even though there are parts of him that are broken and flawed he still wants a chance with her. Given everything these two have been through you can help but to see they are inevitable. Now that’s not saying their journey is easy, it’s anything but. I mean  HE has NOT had an easy time over the last few years. Giving in to addictions and reckless behaviors, he has been constantly working hard to overcome his demons. Constantly fighting the urge not to replace one addiction with another, 

I don’t want to give any spoilers away. I will just say it was fantastic. When he finds out he is a dad, it is obviously a shock, but all the emotions, how he embraces it. He runs the gamut of feelings and it’s so believable. The way he was with Matty. OMG! Holy Don’t Forget To Take Your Birth Control Ladies! Holly never stood a chance, and neither did I. I laughed, cried, and I fanned myself and I swooned. It was sexy and sweet and everything in between. It was just enough naughty and the perfect amount of nice. IT.WAS.EVERYTHING! 

“I wish I knew where this girl has been all my life to have given myself to her sooner.”

This book has moments that will  have you going WTF is happening?! Told in dual POV, which is my absolute FAVORITE It will have you panting, swooning and fanning yourself one minute as you get caught up in their sweet and romantic whirlwind almost insta-love like romance. 

I’m not gonna lie to you my dear friends, be ready to chuck your beloved kindle right across the room at various points throughout this story ( don’t worry no actual kindles were harmed during the reading of this story. I just wanted to shout NAUGHTY WORDS from the rooftops) and I may or may not have texted Erica and had to vent!!

Prepare yourself my friends… you won’t want to stop until you’ve devoured every single syllable of this great story. Holly, Liam, sweet Matty, Sam,Terry, River and even Jax. All the amazing secondary characters. I love them all.  I absolutely can’t wait for more from this crew. 

My cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐- OMG, IN LOVE WITH LIAM AND HOLLY!! This story has everything you could possibly want! Must read! Main Characters are funny and witty and OMG are they ever hot AF! It flowed magically. Giving me just what I needed, exactly when I needed it. So. Many.Stars!

🔥🔥🔥🔥- Liam and Holly are off the Charts amazingly hot!! They ignite like kerosene on a fire when they throw down! Holy Hot Damn!!Pearl Clutchers beware! 

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- Y’all!*#YOUGETHAPPYENDING*Perfection. Yay!😍🔥😍

Want to catch up on the first book in the series? Barely Breathing is available now to buy or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.