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“Another impressive hit from Davis; nothing short of what I expect and love from her works!”

S.E. Hall, New York Times bestselling author

Jackson, an all-new standalone dark romance in the fan-favorite Rydeville Elite Series from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis, is available now!

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The devil came to me in disguise. Too bad I didn’t notice until it was far too late.


The devil doesn’t always wear an evil mask.

Sometimes, he appears in the most beautiful form.

Like the super-hot bad boy with the dirty-blond hair and a wicked glint in his blue eyes who swept in out of nowhere, stealing all the air from my lungs.

I thought he was my savior.

But he’s my ruination.

And he’s just taken a machete to my heart.


For years, my rage seethed under the surface. Hidden behind a cloudy haze of my poison of choice.

But now, the fog has cleared.

And I’m out for blood.

I will annihilate those responsible for taking my sister from me.

Except he’s not here, so I go for the next best target.

The woman he abandoned.

Until it suited him to drag her into this messed-up elite world.

Sucks to be her.

Because when I’m done with Vanessa, she’ll wish she was dead.

My Review

Oh!! Holy Hells Yes!! This book, my friends!! This AMAZINGLY PHENOMENAL Book was exactly what I thought it would be and then some. I knew Siobhan was gonna slay Jackson’s book. TBH I have been salivating for him since day.freakin.one when I met him back in Cruel Intentions. I am mentally spent after this book, though in the best way. This is the best kind of book hangover, y’all! I laughed, I cried, I swooned and I swore. It was a marathon of emotions. One that I would gladly run again and again. (I tend to do re-reads of the Rydeville Elite Series b/c It’s so dang addictive) 

Jackson’s character is legit everything I knew he was gonna be multiplied by 1000! From the beginning he had a mission, a goal and nothing was gonna deter him from that. He was ruthless, a jerk, gorgeously hot, but he was also caring as well. He has a big heart, he just tries to hide that fact. We’ve all loved the playful playboy since day one, but here we get to see a different side with this more adult version of Jackson.  I think we all knew it was gonna take one heck of a girl to bring that boy to his knees and Vanessa “Nessa” sure is the one to do it. 

Jackson - AN

She was smokin hot, sweet, but she was so strong. The resilience in this character, y’all. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. In many ways she was broken, but not beyond repair. The strength she showed about how rise from the ashes was inspiring. My heart broke over and over again. I wanted for her to get everything good in this world and I wanted Jackson to give it to her. But I wasn’t sure if it was possible, they had so much working against them. 

Now, with that said… Their journey was by no means an easy one. But it was a tragically beautiful one. Their connection was spectacular and off the charts of the “meant to be scale.” I felt like she brought out the best parts of Jackson, and he was able to give her all the things she was missing in her life. Not necessarily just monetary things but the things that truly matter. GAH!  This story gutted me, before it put me back together. But I loved every single second.That’s not to say I didn’t have several moments of wanting to bash my kindle over the heads of several characters at many different times. But… I was obsessed with every word on every page, from start to finish! It.was.that.fantastic!! 

Nessa and Jackson’s story is one for the books and MUST not be missed! 

My Cr8zysockbookblock  blog wrap up : 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️-EVERYTHING!Jackson’s book was it. Everything I was yes and So.Much.More! Their spectacular journey has it all. Love, lies, suspense, thrills, so much heat, forgiveness,  and all your favorites back together again! YES PLEASE! 🖤♥️🖤♥️

🔥🔥🔥🔥- I’m not sure there are adequate words to describe the level of hotness the book is. Message and Jackson are next level. Siobhan writes these sexy scenes full of such delicious details you legit feel like you are there, almost as a voyeur. It’s beyond hot and makes for a super smokin read! 

🌪Cliffhanger Warning🌪- I AM IN LOVE WITH THE ENDING!! 😍😍

🔫 Trigger Warning-This book is a Bully/Gang romance and does have some violent scenes, and scenes that discuss disturbing memories for one of our characters that could be considered triggers for some. If you have concerns you can PM for more information.

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