Release Date: May 14

When I met Amber Lakes, I had no idea that she’d become a shining star in my dark, miserable life.

Her smile was never supposed to warm my heart, and the sight of her tears was never supposed to make me want to hunt down the person who’d caused them.

We were never supposed to touch, or kiss, or do so many dirty things on campus that I knew could jeopardize my career…

None of it was supposed to happen because she’s the student—my athlete—and I’m her college track coach.

I could lose everything by being with her, but I’ve fallen too damn hard, and despite how big the risks are, it’s too late to turn back now. 

My Review

Wow! So this was not only a good and excitingly hot Forbidden/Age Gap, but this was thought provoking and inspiring in a way that I wasn’t expecting when I went into this book. My heart, my soul, and all my feelings were left a little battered, touched  and then definitely patched up by the end of this book. Joaquin and Amber’s story wasn’t just the typical age gap or student/teacher, coach/athlete. In a sea of age-gap romances their story is unique Unputdownable and Unforgettable. 

Amber Lakes was an amazing character. She was sassy and strong despite the constant ridicule and racism she faced daily. She knew her value and worth to the team. She had goals and dreams and she was focused. I loved that she did her best to only surround herself with a select few who supported her and didn’t try to break her down or push her out.

Joaquin had worked hard to be where he is. While he was harsh and rude and clearly jaded by his devastating past, it reflected in the way he treated his athletes and those around him. From the moment he first sees Amber he’s drawn to her. He knows it’s forbidden but as times goes on neither can help themselves. Their chemistry is overwhelmingly hot, with perfect amount of tension and banter. You get lots of good”fightin’ of the feelings” actually so much so, you know they are about to rock your socks off. This book definitely has smokin hot scenes. 

I hated that they lived in a world where they felt that they had to constantly fight for their place and not just in sports but just in where they both were at in general and it hurts me to think that this type of thing still happens even today. I think the author wanted to bring attention to this with this particular book of hers and I think she accomplished that as it was a common theme throughout the book. She handled it with respect and truth. 

⭐️⭐⭐⭐️1/4 Stars-  If you are looking for a forbidden age gap romance with love, angst and all the feels and frustration. Grab this book today! 


🌪Cliffhanger Warning-No cliffhanger! Amazing HEA

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