A stand-alone romance novel in the Brewed series

I’m the Dixon who left.

Through the good, bad, and worst imaginable, I stayed gone.

When I return home after a decade, I’m not surprised by the cold reception from my family . . . or my brother’s best friend.

Emberly Olsen.

I spent my childhood tormenting her.

Now these days with her feel like the cruelest sort of unintended revenge.

We’ve changed.

She’s changed.

Pure confidence and sensuality, but her pouty lips and heavy-lidded eyes scream contempt. And word around town? She’s untouchable.

But after sharing a few drinks, her snide comments turn teasing.

Sneers become smiles.

Huffs change to laughs.

Laughs to moans, sweeter than any sound.

Years of animosity ignite into carnal need and passion.

We can blame it on the whiskey.

I have a feeling we’ll try.

But we aren’t that drunk.

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My Review

So I’m not gonna lie, Molly McAdams is one of those authors that has the ability to slice and dice my emotions with her amazingly poignant and heart wrenching books. My heart doesn’t stand a chance against her and her magical word wizardry. Pieces y’all, I fall to pieces. Then she comes in like a ninja surgeon and puts me back together again. Every.Single.Dang.Time. 

Cayson Dixon, I mean could we possibly have a more sexy name for our hero?!? That’s a rhetorical question BTW. Because, ladies, HOLY HELL! Everything about this broody, broken man is sexy. He makes my heart melt, he makes my heart flutter, my heart breaks for him. He basically OWNS my heart. Yup, I’m claiming this misunderstood man.

He’s so much more than what people realize and I can wait for you all to read this book and fall in love with the complexity of this character. To understand the years of secrets and lies buried deep that made him the man he became.The man that’s so much more than the reputation that follows him back home after nine years away working.

Emberly Olsen knew Cayson most of her life leading up through her teenage years. He was her best friend Sawyers older brother and was also her biggest crust turned tormentor. The emotional scars she wears even as an adult from his relentless teasing come boiling to the surface when Cayson shows back up in town after nine years away wanting to make amends oh…and he also wants her. 

She is one of the only people who know a little bits and pieces about why he may have left town in the first place, but just like him she’s stayed silent for all these years. How will she continue to resist giving her heart the one man who she has always wanted more than anything but now that he’s in front of her she can’t help but remember all that he’s done?

What I loved about this book was that this book had it all. This book was LIFE! It had heat, passion and banter for days. It had super sexy tension, angst,  frustration and family issues galore. Holy cow I wanted to chuck my kindle across the room. MORE THAN ONCE! 

I love that this book is about forgiveness and healing. It’s about finding support to help you overcome a tragedy from your past and about owning your crap and taking responsibility for the hurts you caused. But most of all it’s about the beauty of inevitable love. Because Love can conquer almost anything. 

My Cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- I love Molly McAdams. Her writing is always emotionally gripping and riveting. I know that with any book of hers I read I am going to get hit all up in my feelings. She never fails to deliver such well rounded works of literary art that I know I’m gonna get something that’s full of witty banter, heat, emotions and everything I could possibly want and more. Her books never fail to stay with me long after I finish the last page. I have some (that shall remain nameless) I’m still feeling years later. 

🔥🔥🔥🔥-There is nothing hotter than two people that try like hell to resist each other, then finally give in. Except maybe a big ol pan of biscuits and gravy, Nope Cayson and Emberly are hotter than biscuits and gravy! So this southern girl is saying that’s really Freakin hawt!! 🔥🔥

🌪Cliffhanger Warning-🌪🌪No Cliffhanger! This was super emotional, I cried so many times because I loved these characters and felt right along with them, but I am so happy with how this ended and I am so excited with the set up we get for the next  brothers book! #HappyEnding!😍

About the Author

Molly grew up in California but now lives in the oh-so-amazing state of Texas with her husband, daughter, and fur babies. When she’s not diving into the world of her characters, some of her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and long walks on the beach . . . which roughly translates to being a homebody and dishing out movie quotes with her hubby. She has a weakness for crude-humored movies and loves curling up in a fluffy blanket during a thunderstorm . . . or under one in a bathtub if there are tornados. That way she can pretend they aren’t really happening.

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