Buried deep under a mountain of lies, I’m struggling for air.

My life, my choices are being dictated by my father.

I was forced to give up the man I love in order to protect him and now I must marry a man who I hate.

I thought I had found a way out.I thought my time in this gilded cage was almost over.

Then one day Jaxson Holden walks back into my life, flipping it upside down.

He’s angry, I get it.

But he has no idea how much I have to lose—how much he has to lose with him coming back.

Now I need to find a way to hold on while I’m gasping for breath as my past and present collide.

Just keep breathing, River.

Just keep breathing. . .

My Review

Absolutely Unputdownable! Remarkable! Phenomenal!! Erica is one of my absolute favorite authors. I totally have a fastest one-click finger in the south when it comes to her books. Barely Breathing is my new favorite book of hers (At least until her next one comes out)  River and Jax’s story sucked me in from the first paragraph of the prologue and I instantly knew I was in for an emotional ride. I was lucky enough to early read this fantastic book, yet still I keep finding myself going back to certain parts of the book, because I’m not ready to let Jax and River go just yet. That’s how much these characters will stick with you. 

From the outside one would think River has it all. She’s gorgeous and engaged to Harry, a successful executive that works for her company. However this marriage will be to a man chosen by her controlling father. River has been suffering under her father’s control. It’s devastating the things this woman has endured. Y’all my heart just hurts to even think about it all. 

When her grandfather died leaving her to run the company, pushing her father out of his CEO position. He is livid and put a plan in place to take back control. The loveless arranged marriage to Harry is a part of that plan. She must figure out a way out of this mess and out from under her shady AF father’s thumb. In order to protect Jax, River unselfishly disappears for two years, breaking her own heart while leaving him shocked, devastated and brokenhearted and furious at her. Jax appears back into her life two years later just when she has her plans all figured out flipping her whole world on its side, will River lean on Jax for help or will she forget how to breathe and shut down? 

Jax has spent the last two years broken, bitter and twisted up over one that ran away. He doesn’t know why she took off like a thief in the night , but now that he’s got his sights on her again he decides he wants revenge. He wants to punish her and bring a world of hurt her way like she did to him.

Jax is so hot y’all! Like tattoos under a business suit, smokin’ hot in the sack.GAH!! Loves his sister. Yeah! Everything about this guy is super hot. The tension that radiates off him and River. Holy god! 🔥

This book will have you hanging on the edge. Told in dual POV, going between present time and back two years ago to where their story first began. It will have you panting, swooning and fanning yourself one minute as you get caught up in their sweet and romantic whirlwind romance.

Then have you ready to chuck your beloved kindle right at the wall the very next chapter next. ( don’t worry it’s my prized possession so it’s safe. I just screamed obscenities) From one minute to the next you have no clue Wtf is happening?

 Prepare yourself my friends… you won’t stop reading, forget adulting or anything else until you’ve devoured every single word. River, Jax and the amazing secondary characters. I absolutely can’t wait for more from this crew. Can a person die of anticipation ?!?! I need Liam’s book, like yesterday. LOL


Barely Breathing is the perfect title…Hell,  I was breathless for most of this freakin book. Either panting cause of it’s sheer blissful hotness. I mean double damn!! 🔥😍🔥 or I was holding my breath in suspenseful outrage. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐⭐️- Five Stars… pssh that’s NOT nearly enough. I’m throwing in a sixth one! This story deserves ALL the stars! River and Jax’s story is full of angst and suspense. It’s got tension for days, frustration and heat and revenge. Plus a super hot hero with tattoos and a sexy, sassy heroine and fabulous secondary characters. 

🔥🔥🔥🔥- GAAHH!! Jax and River are hotter than the seventh circle of hell my friends. Like the stuff naughty dreams are made of. So sweet dreams 🔥🔥🥵 

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- Well earned HEA  #Yougethappyending