REBEL SOUL by LK Farlow Release Date: January 23rd

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Blurb: West Larson comes from old money—the kind of wealth that comes with expectations steeped in archaic traditions. So, it’s not surprising when he learns the conditions of his trust fund: produce an heir before he turns twenty-five.

Enter Stacia Kellan. Her lowkey personality makes her the perfect baby mama…without the drama. And thanks to her wild-ass hair, colorful tattoos, and smart mouth, she’s exactly the kind of girl his parents would never approve of. Add in the fact that she’s a total smokeshow…knocking her up certainly wouldn’t be a hardship.

Stacia lives her life fast and loud. The idea of settling down isn’t on her radar. So, when her long-time friend asks her to have his baby, her immediate answer is a big, fat hell-to-the-no. Seriously, is he crazy?

West pulls out all the stops in wooing her and with every heated encounter, Stacia finds herself falling a little more for his charm and wit. Oh, and his forearms…yum.

Obligations. Lust. Friendship. Love.

The lines begin to blur as emotions enter the equation and besides, everyone knows you can’t deny your rebel soul.

My Review

HOLY SWEET FRIENDS TO LOVERS PERFECTION Y’ALL!! 😍 As always L.K Farlow captured my heart with West and Stacia’s story from the first syllable on page one and didn’t turn it loose until the very last line. Every time I devour one of her book I think “ this is it, this is THE ONE, my absolute favorite.” But this is really it y’all. THE ONE! MY FAVORITE! She just gets better and better with every book she writes. I’m a sucker for a good friends-to-lovers, and this was all that and then so much more! 

Weston “West” Larson is wealthy, gorgeous and totally sweet and sinful in bed. He’s also one of Stacia’s best friends. He has a dilemma, though…He needs to father a baby to fulfill the terms of his inheritance within the next year. When some devastating stuff happens in Stacia’s family he sees an opportunity to help her. So he comes up with a brilliant mutually beneficial solution to both their problems. He knows this is the perfect answer for everything all he has to do is convince Stacia. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? 

Stacia is a great girl. She’s beautiful and as vibrant as her tattoos and piercings and wild red hair. She’s super stress and desperately trying to help her family. When one of her best friends, West offers to help her out, she can’t help but to jump on it. When he asks her to be the incubator aka “baby mama” for his baby, she puts the brakes down. Her immediate response is ABSOLUTELY NOT. He’s not backing down though. Will she be able to resist West when he puts it all on the line and shows her just how good it can be? 

This fabulously flowing story told in dual POV’s  will melt you right into a puddle of goo. With West and his sinful smiles and Stacia’s sexy smokin’ sassiness your in for treat after deliciously hot treat. I couldn’t get enough of these amazingly addictive characters.

West, Stacia and even Brock and AJ from Rebel Heart will keep you hanging on every single word. Be ready to run the gamut of emotions folks. I laughed a lot, cried a little, fanned myself a lot, and totally super swooned. 

⭐️⭐️⭐⭐⭐️- I love West so hard y’all!! I will have all his babies!! 👶🏼 Stacia is the perfect heroine. She’s totally made him work for it, and I loved the way he worked it!! Lol  This was EVERYTHING!! 

🔥🔥🔥🔥- Oh my Heavens!! I was clutching my pearls ladies. This was just so descriptive and I was getting all hot and bothered, my heart rate all a flutter.. (Lol) J/K – I didn’t clutch my pearls. It was beyond hot though!! Lol Like Summertime in Georgia Hot 🥵 

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- HEA #PERFECTION😍

About LK Farlow: LK Farlow (A.K.A Kate) is a small town girl with a love for words. She’s been writing stories for as long she can remember. A Southern girl through and through, Kate resides in beautiful, sunny LA–that’s Lower Alabama, y’all–with her amazing husband and three rambunctious children. When she’s not writing, you can find her snuggled up on the couch watching car shows while she crochets or with her nose in a book.

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