It all started with a bet…

I told Olivia Hart that if she won, I’d leave her alone for good. Little did she know, I was never going to let that happen. She thinks I hate her, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

I keep raising the stakes, making wagers and tricking her into spending time with me.

The more we’re together, the harder she falls.

But once she learns the truth, all bets are off.

My Review

OMG!! Y’all know that Enemies-to-lovers/Bully Romances are one of my favorites!! *says in sing songy voice*  I don’t think I could have possibly fell harder in love with Lucas and Olivia and their love story. Four year!! Four years of torture…err foreplay these two engaged in. 

Olivia’s character was hilarious. I think because she wasn’t trying to be. She was sassy and uncoordinated and competitive and skeptical. But she was also caring and beautiful and smart. She refused to see what was in front of her where Lucas “Pucas” was concerned. There was a lot about her life that broke my heart. Devastated me actually. I loved what Lucas and his family brought to her in regards to that, to help with the hurt a little. When she finds out it was or maybe it wasn’t all a game, will she forgive Lucas? 

Lucas was hot, every girl wanted him. He was sweet, successful , and He always seemed to come out on top. It seemed like he would won in every battle and might even win the war against Liv. He had feelings for her she didn’t know about. She had trust issues with him, which he understood. But he was determined to win her over. He just needed her to never find out what started his interest in her in the beginning. 

God, you want to know why I kissed you? So you would shut the hell up for five minutes.” Lucas

Told in alternating dual POV. This fascinating story will keep you entertained and engaged with its witty banter, off the charts chemistry and hit you in all the feels. You will cast aside all your adulting and responsibilities literally doing nothing else until you’ve devoured every word of this phenomenal story. While this is the second book in her Carolina Coastal Series, it’s a complete stand-alone novel with a HEA! 

⭐️⭐️⭐⭐⭐️- This is the perfect Enemies-to-lovers. It has just the right amount of banter, drama, tension and angst, frustration and forgiveness! Beautiful! 😍♥️😍

🔥🔥🔥🔥- Lucas and Liv are as hot as the sun beating down on the Carolina Coast! The love scenes are smokin’ hot and prefect!! 🥵🔥☀️

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- No Cliffy = I love this ending so hard #PERFECT