Almost Perfect Author: Claudia Burgoa Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy Release Date: January 16, 2020

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USA TODAY bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings readers a delightful new romantic comedy that’s equal parts hilarious and sexy about friendship and learning how to fall in love! Olympic medalist and X-game sensation Alex Spearman thinks he’s perfect. He’s not. I know his kind. Rich, famous, and emotionally unavailable. Well…He’s perfect enough to hook up with on the weekend of his sister’s wedding. His sister is my best friend. This is a disaster in the making. Did I mention he’s also hot, sexy and funny? How can I resist? After a steamy weekend, I agree. We have chemistry. But it just won’t work out in the long run. He’s just a fond memory. That is…until he moves next door. When I’m in need, the almost perfect man offers to help. On a “friends-only” basis. “Just friends,” he said. Yeah, right. Suddenly, Alex is getting too close for comfort. Things are becoming heated … becoming too real for me. Is this the real deal or am I another medal to him? Happy couple near the Eiffel tower


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“Harry Potter geek?” She nods. “Dad and I used to read the books when I was young. It’s our thing, you know? We share our love for mythical creatures and magical worlds.” She smiles widely. “When I was at my mother’s, I used to read the books by myself and wished I was at Dad’s instead.” “So now you get to wear a unicorn necklace and look like a fairy?” Suddenly, I see darkness pushing her bright face. She grabs the handle and starts closing the door. “Thank you again for everything.” “I’m supposed to stay with you and binge watch a series or just watch a rom-com,” I say, showing her my arm where I scribbled my notes. Her expression smooths, and her lips slip into a charming grin. Her mouth is framed by a pair of inviting dimples that enchant me. “So tell me about this first day,” I ask. “We could share some of the chocolate chip cookies I got you.” She steps aside, inviting me in. “First experiences suck most of the time.” “First kisses never suck,” I tell her. “Of course they do,” she protests with conviction. I brush a strand of her hair, leaning forward. “There’s always that little moment of hesitation. When everything is almost happening. Like, right when you’re about to touch her lips,” I say, my lips are so close to hers. “You wait though.” “What do you wait for?” she asks with sweetness and innocence. “For her to step back or lean into the kiss.” “What if she doesn’t move?” “That’s my favorite,” I answer before I brush her soft lips with mine. She gasps as I dip my mouth to hers. This is pretty much like going down the slope at high speed. I can’t stop, I can’t hesitate. One wrong move and it’s a bust. I have to control every movement, lead her. Lean where I want us to go. I slide my tongue across her lips, and she opens them while she wraps her arms around my neck. I don’t rush it though. If this is the only kiss I get from Hannah, I want it to be perfect. My heart hammers as our kiss leads to more than just demonstrating to her that a first can be extraordinary. The small whimper she makes as I slide my hand around her waist and pull her into me gets me worked up. I hold nothing back, and she doesn’t either. I move my lips to her jawline, nibbling her soft skin all the way to her earlobe. She tastes sweet. Like lavender, vanilla, and honey. I could eat her. Nibble every inch of her skin, drink her all. As she pushes her hips up against me, trying to get closer, my eyes open. Our gazes connect. I want to consume her. All of her. The pain from climbing the tree is gone, replaced by desire—a hunger I’ve never come across before. I run a hand through the back of her neck, my fingers curl around her skull, gripping her head tightly. “Waiting?” she asks between shallow breaths. I nod. “You’re in charge, do you want me to continue?” She rises on her tiptoes, leaning closer. This time, I devour her. Our tongues tangle and fuck if the fire isn’t consuming us. Lust and adrenaline rush through my veins. I run a hand up and down her round, tight ass. My length is turning into a piece of steel. Throbbing, needy steel that wants to slide inside her. A sexy moan escapes her lips as I move between her thighs and push her against the door. Her legs wrap around my hips, and anything besides fucking her is off the table. There’s no restraint. For her, or for myself. I break the kiss, gasping for some air. “Are you sure about this?” “I have this theory,” she says. “Being with a guy for the first time being awkward and meh. Do you want to prove me wrong?” “Challenge accepted.” AUTHOR BIO Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author. She lives in Colorado, working for a small IT. She has three children and manages a chaotic household of two confused dogs, and a wonderful husband who shares her love of all things geek. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep the last threads of sanity intact.



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My Review

The Spearman family is literally one of my absolute favorite book families of all time. I love them BIG y’all!! I can’t possibly get enough of their journeys to falling in love. I wanna be a Spearman. LOL

I can assure you going into this book that it will take your feelings on a tilt-a-whirl type ride.  It will also have you fanning yourself something fierce because Alex and Hannah are hella hot! 🔥 This book is classified as a frenemies-to-lovers story, but it’s so much more. You could call it a brothers best friend, it’s also about a former rock star with a troubled past, and a sports romance. In some ways it’s a slow burn too,  but also a one-night stand to romance. Really this is a one stop shop for romance fans. It has the best banter for days, super sexy scenes(like really freakin hot 🥵 ) and it’s raw and realistic and believable in the ways in which they respond to all the messes life throws at them. Things that you couldn’t have predicted. This storyline will make you laugh out loud and then cry for these characters you’ve fallen so hard for. 

Trust me you will find yourself captivated by Alex Spearman and his attractively alpha tendencies and simultaneous sweetness. His love for his family and “the children.” GAH!! The way this man is with his nieces and nephews, that is the stuff fairytale dreams are built on. His ability to put his playboy ways behind him for Hannah when she’s skittish and needs a gentler touch is heartwarming and precious. Or even letting those he loves think the worst of him, just to protect her. It left me feeling as warm and gooey as a snickerdoodle cookie! 🍪 

Hannah Hades-Bell is an amazing character. She had been through so much. She’s had some really traumatic things happen to her in the past and she hasn’t always handled it in the best ways. From the first moment she met Alex their chemistry was off the charts. However after the first hookup they rubbed each other the wrong way with unfortunate words. If they weren’t actively rubbing each other the right way,  they were fighting. Over the course of a couple of years they had this hate you but I can’t keep my hands off you thing going on.

When yet another devastating blow hits Hannah and she goes on a journey of self healing and self discovery around the world, Alex steps in back at home to help with a couple of things and they use some “ old fashioned” and “ hidden text within” means of communication to keep in touch during this time. It brings an in-depth and totally refreshing new way of them getting to know each other in new ways. It was so beautiful and intimate and just touching. I loved this so much!

Hannah has so many cool things going for her, but she was being dragged down by her past. I wished for so much of the book she could see herself as Alex saw her. But then again that’s what made her story so great. We get to read her journey about her growth and discovering what she had in front of her all along. 

I love all these characters. Some we had seen before and some new ones. We learned so many new things about Hannah and Alex. Even though we had seen parts of them in previous books, I fell so much more in love with them than I could have ever imagined I would have. Hannah’s boys…I really love that we will obviously been seeing more of the Sinners of Seattle now! I can hardly wait to get those guys stories. Hopefully we will see plenty more of Alex and Hannah in their books as well.

I’m obsessed with Claudia Burgoa’s books. She has this ability to grab you on page one and never let you go until the last word. This book was no different. I.Hung.On.Every.Word!! The level of transformation in these characters was astronomical here. The people they were the day they met and the people they were on the last page of the book were so different. But their journey was phenomenal and I definitely recommend reading this fantastic story! 

My cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book!

⭐️⭐⭐⭐⭐️-This book is full of anything and everything you could possibly want and more. I love  these characters so much. I love my Sassy Hannah and I’ve been a fan of the entire Spearman klan for a while. 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥-OMG! HOLY HOT BEANS AND FRANKS!! Alex and Hannah were explosive whenever they were near each other. Even when they were “avoiding” contact they were just hot. They had chemistry for days!! 

🌪Cliffhanger Warning-No cliffhanger! It wasn’t without hard work and ups and downs to get it. But… #PerfectHappyEnding