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My name is Dove Hendry.
Mine is Kingston Axton.
I was captured by darkness.
She has always been ours…
They groomed me for Midnight Mayhem. Like a trained possession, weak against their control.
She has been conditioned with our blood for years. She just doesn’t know it yet…
But Midnight Mayhem was the stained glass that concealed a very dark culture.
A culture that she is about to become the center of.
The Brothers of Kiznitch come in fours, and they’re not happy about me being hustled into their acts.
Or are we? Careful, Little Bird. A warning is a warning for a reason…
But there’s something uglier that has been haunting me for years upon years. So ugly that I have never seen its face. I never had to. I’d hear his whispers through my internal screams, feel his shadow brush against my nightmares. He was the monster that tormented me.
And maybe lived under your bed…
When I started Midnight Mayhem, his presence faded.
His whispers were silenced.
His shadow dissolving without a trace.
I wondered why that was.
She didn’t have to wonder for long…  

My Review

On the Floor!! Like that’s totally where my jaw is! Hell where I am! About the time you think you kinda have a handle on what TF is happening you realize you know shit, that script gets flipped and your left going WTF just happened?!?! But Holy Hell that was freakin’ amazing!  

What a wild, crazy, mind-blowing carnival ride I’ve just been taken on. This book was truly a masterpiece. A one of a kind magical journey like nothing I have ever experienced before. I was instantly sucked into this incredible world that Amo Jones created for us and I’m not sure I ever want to leave it. 

Holy god the Kiznitch brothers!! These guys y’all! Each one unique and beautiful and dark and well, just delicious. Their personalities were so different yet they were all dangerous and sinister but had this underlying oddly protective nature about them. You didn’t want to cross them, that was for damn sure. 

“Revenge isn’t always sweet; sometimes, it’s a bitter reminder of the demons you missed, so you need to cock back, aim, reload, and…bang.”

Now, Kingston “King” Axton the most broody, and meanest of all the brothers. There was an overwhelming feeling of danger that just seemed to lurk around him. I felt like there was something big and shady about him. I didn’t know if he was a bad guy or a good guy, but unavoidably couldn’t help but to love him. But I hated him at the same time. I just  loved Dove so much and the way he was towards her was not only breaking her heart, it was destroying mine. This was one of those books where I swear every single time the H hurt the h , I felt a dagger in my own heart. Because I just felt to the depths of my soul that they were supposed to be together, and I couldn’t fathom how he couldn’t see it! And even with that I.STILL.LOVED.HIM!! 

Kingston, GAH at times I most definitely wanted to rip his head off at the same time as his clothes! I will say, I never could have saw the twist of why he had such hatred towards her coming though.I bow to you , Amo! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 But even when he wouldn’t have her, he wasn’t willing to let anyone else have her either, and that gave me so much hope. 

“I can’t fuckin’ share you, P. Ever. Even when you’re not mine officially, you’re still mine. That’s how it’s always going to be. I can’t fuckin’ function knowing you’re walking this earth, and it’s not me you’re walking it with. I can’t fuckin’ share you.”

Dove was the most strong-willed, beautiful , amazing  character. No matter how many times King tried to break her, and he tried, and tried. She kept pushing. She had been through the ringer. Through more than what she even realized, but she knew she wanted him and she wanted answers and she wasn’t going to give up until she got both. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to push his buttons to get him to give in to her. Deep down I think she knew their connection was real, even if she didn’t fully understand everything that was going on because so much of her life had been a series of flashbacks. I love that even in the midst of all that came out in the twists she held strong. She could have let it destroy her, but she didn’t. I’m being vague, I know, but trust me it’s necessary.

In Peace Lies Havoc should be your next read. It is dark, it’s extraordinary and astonishing. You will be breathless and on the edge of your seat. You will be stuck between wanting to rush through the next chapter to see what happens and slowly savoring it because you don’t ever want it to end. Forever the conundrum! So glad that this is the beginning of a series. Don’t worry though, this book is a stand alone. I’m so not ready to let this world go. IT’S WAY TOO FREAKIN HOTT!!

My cr8zysockbookblock blog wrap up for this book!

⭐⭐️⭐⭐⭐️- This deserves so many stars! For all the unforeseen, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, moments that left me just plain bewildered! Please everyone READ THIS BOOK! Where my words may fail me, this book won’t fail YOU! 

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥- Ain’t nothing hotter y’all! Just…I would gladly bow to King 

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- No Cliffy. This is the first book in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone. 

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