O-M-G! Gage is fine and he is MINE!! Loved every single word of this amazing book by author Alley Ciz! 💙🖤💙🖤

So I am ALL about the MMA books. This book was EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING,  I could have hoped for and so much more. 

Rocky Steele, our amazing herione and  total Bad Ass chick. I Floved her take no crap,  as well as her imma show you how to take no prisoners in the ring attitude. Her loyalty to her family was unmatched, which is how she found herself in a career as a Physical Therapist for her fathers gym. She excels in her job , even though it might not have been one she’d have necessarily chosen for herself. She was banging’ and confident, she knew her stuff. Everything about this woman was perfection! Nothing was going to trip her up where her job was concerned, she had trained them all, football gods, hockey stars. You name it. She was a pro. She’d had her hands on lots of hot athletes. No big. 

Speaking of big… Enter Gage ‘The Kraken’ James, the reigning Heavyweight Champion in the UFC. Also, the newest athlete to be training under her father at the gym he owns with her uncle. She’s had a crush on this hulking hottie for a while, so she finds herself a bit tongue tied for a minute. She’s never had a problem remaining professional before. Will  Gage “The Kracken” crack that self-control right outta her and have her ready to throw down? (I’m talking throw down the undies Y’all! Cause you won’t be needing those) 

Gage is goal driven and career focused. He’s ready to train at the best, with the best. He’s  a 6’7, 260 pound wall of pure smokin hot deliciousness. I would climb him like a tree and never let go! That’s only a little bit creepy, and I’m okay with that. #NotEvenAshamed

One look at Rocky and he quickly realizes she is every dream come to fruition. Everything about her is absolute perfection. So no matter what, he must make her his.  How will he convince her to go against policy and agree to date him? Will it be a fight with her family if she tries or will she decide to “Tap Out” before they even get started? 

Join the Power Play BTU crew back more more wild shenanigans. Hilarious “Coven Conversations” ( you’ll learn what those are) and lots more from all the characters we fell in love with back in Power Play. You even meet some new faces to love. 

Be ready to be swept up into the inferno that is Gage and Rocky’s story.  This book was way steamier that the first book by Alley. I am talking like smokin’ hot,hot, hot! The build up, is literally the stuff deliciously dirty dreams are made of.  

Power Play was so good. This, THIS  is FANTASTIC! She TKO’d me with this one! Make sure you read all the BTU books and get caught up with all things #squadgoals!

*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced complimentary copy of this book.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- EVERYTHING!! Consumed,  Could not put it down. I LOL’d, I swooned, I fanned myself , and this sweet southern momma clutched her pearls at the alpa Gage in the bedroom. (not really. I’m dirty AF and I  loved every second, no actual pearl clutchin’ here)    

🔥🔥🔥🔥- This book was hot AF, when you get there. Biscuits and Gravy ain’t nothin compared to the heat Gage and Rocky are putting off!  

🌪Cliffhanger Warning- No cliffy, but I  ALWAYS want more from the BTU Crew!!

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What would you do if you came face-to-face with your celebrity crush? 

Rocky Steele is surrounded by professional athletes.

It’s her job. 

As a physical therapist in a world renowned gym, she works with the best of the best, from NHL hockey players to UFC fighters. Celebrity status does not impress her. Nor do big, strong men in peak physical condition. 


When it comes to her job, she’s one hundred percent professional.

Enter Gage James. 

Her celebrity crush. 

And the newest fighter to train in her gym. 

Where it will be her job to put her hands on every inch of the six foot seven two hundred and sixty pounds of utter Alpha male perfection. 

She’s got this… Maybe.

Gage ‘The Kraken’ James is the reigning Heavyweight Champion in the UFC.

When he walks into The Steele Maker for the first time, it’s like he’s hit with a one-two punch to the chest in the form of a certain raven haired firecracker. 

His coach’s daughter. 

His physical therapist. 

His every waking thought. 

He’s in for the fight of his life. 

The stakes are higher… outside the octagon.

Time to release The Kraken


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