Falcon Reyes. 

With a sharp, intelligent look, he reeks of arrogance wrapped in an icy layer of indifference. A life of luxury has left him with the notion that everything is attainable.

Power. Wealth. Status. 

He’s a god and I a mere mortal.

He’s Jupiter, and I am Mercury.

There’s so much power in this man.

He has the kind of influence most people can’t even begin to imagine.

And me… I’m an eighteen-year-old girl who managed to make him lose control.

I’m the girl who showed him there’s a kaleidoscope of colors outside the high walls of his black and white world. 

OH-MMM-GGG!! What a fabulous start to a new series. This is Falcon’s book BUT,  I LOVE ALL of these characters. Falcon, Lake and Dark and Mysteriously, Mean Mason. I am so glad they are all such a big part of this book and hope that trend continues throughout the series. 

Wealth, Power and Status! These boys exude it like a cloud of delicious designer cologne following them around wherever they go. Whoever , whatever they want they get, No is NOT something Falcon, well any of them are accustomed to hearing.  

All of that gets flipped on its axis when Layla Shepard walks into Trinity Academy. Layla is there on a scholarship of sorts. Her mother is Falcon’s fathers assistant and he is covering the cost of Layla’s education, So that she can attend the elite academy.

This girl may only be eighteen, but  I am in LOVE with her character. She is not a doormat. She may be poor in comparison, but she will not let those rich turds look down on her!! Hells Yeah, Layla!

What will happen when Falcon sets his sights on the beautiful, and sassy Layla? What will Falcon’s family think when he falls for the lowly assistants daughter?  What might the consequences be for the girl who helped him to throw caution to the wind, and plow through his carefully constructed, perfectly, mapped out and pre-arranged future?  

“First, the clouds and then the rainbow.”

Without giving anything away I will just say. Falcon had so much pressing on him, so much you wouldn’t know just by looking at him. Layla was able to get beneath the beautiful yet tough exterior, to see Falcon. Things his own family never took the time to see. It was really sweet to see him open up to her. She was changing his life. He was looking at it with a renewed outlook on everything. She was his rainbow. His spot of color, in what use to be a colorless future before her. 

This book is full of fun, sassy, witty banter. It has tons of throw your kindle moments (Falcons Family is Deplorable). It’s a relatively slow burn, but Jear Desus when it happens, PERFECTION!! 

Be ready to fall instantly in love with not only Falcon and Layla, but Mason, Lake and Kingsley too! Now I am DYING for book two, cause that cliffy though. 

DO NOT miss this unforgettable,unputdownable first book in this fantastic new series by Author Michelle Heard.  


*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced complimentary copy of this book.

My cr8zysockbookblock overall ratings for this book! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- OBSESSED!!  I read this book in just over a day. Fast paced, funny, witty banter, great characters. Awesome beginning to new series. Highly recommend.     

🔥🔥🔥🔥- This book was hot, yet perfect for these characters. Build up was great. 



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