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In the power struggle between two elite groups, one feisty girl will bring them to their knees…

Twisted Betrayal, the next story in the dark, bully romance Rydeville High Elite Series from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis is available now!


He thinks he’s broken me. That I’m finally under his complete control. But I’m biding my time, gathering intel, making plans, and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. So, when an unexpected savior appears—offering me a way out—I grasp it with both hands.

But the man I love refuses to let me go, and he’s hell-bent on protecting me at all costs.

Except he’s far too late.

Kaiden’s betrayal fuels the anger flowing through my veins, and now our roles are reversed—I’m the hunter, and he’s my prey. I enjoy torturing him, lying to him, and letting him believe in false truths that were never our reality.

Until the stakes are raised, and I’m forced into playing their game again. Only this time, it’s not just my life hanging in the balance.

I thought he’d done his worst. That he didn’t have the power to hurt me anymore.

But I was wrong.

His depravity knows no bounds, and now, he’s taken everything from me.

This time, it means war, and I’m taking no prisoners.


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My Review


Holy Book Hangover! Who the, What the?!?! OH MY HELL! 🤯🤯🤯 Decompression is an absolute necessity.

Now that I have wrapped my head around this book let me give you my take. Without giving any specific details about things that happen in the book, only my emotions in response to events. 😉Those that are familiar with my reviews know that My opinion is #SpoilersSuck! Trust me, you
want to experience this as I did, going in and getting to experience the feeling of having the floor swept out from under you. Left flabbergasted for days, DAYS after! This book will do that, and you will love every.single.heart-pounding.second!

The number of emotions this one book has put my poor heart through! ♥️🤯😍🔥💣💔😭You think the first book did a number on you? You ain’t see nothing yet!
At the end of Cruel Intentions, I was shaking my head in disbelief.
O-M-G! This time , my head pretty much exploded🤯 in disbelieve and devastation at the end. If you thought book one was full of lies and secrets and deception, maybe you were disgusted by the behavior of some of the characters? Well, Just.You.Wait!

Twisted Betrayal could not be a more fitting name for this fantastic book. Abby’s life has literally been turned upside down, inside out and twisted and turned all about. Twisted Betrayal is right. She has endured lie after lie , the deception knows no bounds in this book. The shear nastiness 🤬and disgusting levels of depravity😱 in this world she has found her self caught up in is mind boggling!😳🤯

To what lengths will Abby have to go to escape this cruel world? Who are her real allies, when nothing is as it seems? What will happen if and when Abby and Kai cross paths again after everything that has happened? Will the decisions she makes to protect those she loves, ultimately cost her in the end anyway? 🤷🏼‍♀️ There are so many questions you will finally have answered. For every question you have answered, you will have two more questions you need to know the answers for.
This is definitely a must read. 📚

*I voluntarily reviewed an advanced complimentary copy of this book.

My cr8zysockbookblock overall ratings for this book!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Siobhan Davis does it again ,Y’all! This book was beyond anything I could have even imagined. It had so much, throw your kindle frustration, angst and suspense. There are not enough stars to award this book! ⭐️
🔥🔥🔥🔥- This book was hella hot!
There was lots of scorching hot scenes. That bonus scene though.😏Holy.Hot.Damn!🔥🥵🔥
🌪Cliffhanger Warning- There is an Epic, cliffhanger of all cliffhangers. So be warned it is NOT resolved in this book!

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Releasing October 11th

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Excerpt: He shoots me a shit-eating grin Jackson would be proud of as he locks the door and stalks toward me. “What the fuck does it look like?”“Like you’re crazy as shit and have a death wish,” I say, backing away from him.His eyes are thick with lust, his body cloaked in anger, and he wears it proudly like body armor. I scramble around desks as I avoid capture. All the while he advances. Like this menacing form hell-bent on punishing me.Liquid lust races through me, and my core pulses with a desperate need.I love it when he’s like this. Looking at me like he wants to fuck me so hard I’ll bleed. My body purrs in anticipation as my back slams against a solid obstacle. I know I’m sick and twisted, but I think that’s why we’re so well matched. He wants to punish me, and I want to be punished.

About Siobhan

USA Today

bestselling author Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult and new adult romantic fiction with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She is the author of the international bestselling

Kennedy Boys, Saven,


True Calling

series’. Siobhan’s family will tell you she’s a little bit obsessive when it comes to reading and writing, and they aren’t wrong. She can rarely be found without her trusty Kindle, a paperback book, or her laptop somewhere close at hand.Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management. She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons.

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