Bless my poor Southern Heart! Grab the tissues Y’all! 😭This roller coaster ride of feels, is a bumpy one. So, this book picks right up where Bittersweet Surrender leaves off. However, there is so much going on in this book. All the secrets being kept after the revelation of their relationship and the details surrounding it, have finally come to light. 💡 Yet, they can finally be together publicly!!

There is so much blame that Will and Charley each carry at different times for their responsibility in the consequences that ultimately happen as a result of their relationship.

Now, there are some great things that happen for Will and Charley in this book too, but it is a journey to get there. QB definitely delivers quite the emotional beat down in this book. I was like come on 😭I can’t take anymore!!  I need Will and Charley to just get their HEA already. Okay?! I truly think that the ups and downs we see Will and Charley go through, though they were hard to read at times, were necessary to make them into the couple they were supposed to ultimately become. We learned so much more about them in this book. It was such a great read, it kept me up all night! I had to know, how it was going to work out. What was going to happen? This book was PERFECTION! 🙌🏻It was still super hot, but different in a more emotional way. Loved 😍every second! I need a bonus epilogue! I look forward to seeing more of them in Lauren’s book. Perfect Ending To a Perfect Duet!!